Monday, May 25, 2009

night walk

something i like to do if i get the chance...

my get gone place!

sometimes you just want to get away... but seance i do not have the money to do so.... ART!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


this too is in color pencil... i took a pic of my self and loved the lighting on it, and just had to draw it...

The Machinist

if you have not seen this movie you should...

Saturday, May 23, 2009


i drew this on city walk as well... Jeff took some good fuckin pictures so i did one up... you may remember this drawing from sam's blog where he gave it a black background.... i still like it white.... don't know why... Jeff... looks like Dexter... to me... no but really he is a good friend of mines and a really good artist... i have him linked so take a look at his stuff...


you just have to love this man in movies...

Davy Jones

I air brushed this on city walk... it was hell to make but i like how it turned out...


god that man did a good job as the joker in the dark knight! Jesus did you see it i did (9 times) as you know every one had to draw him... and i am no different... and I'm doing more... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! lol

Boys to the end

this is Sam and I going though the hard times...

Hell Boy

needless to say i love Hell Boy. and i plan to draw him a lot more....

bird shit

Big Sam



this is an mandrill... not a baboon... i used color pencil for the face and marker for the background... i put a lot of time into this pic so i really hope you like it...


i love tiggers

color pencil dog2

color pencil dog!

my Hell Boy

hell boy... i don't have anything to say but i love that movie...

50 Cent

6 in the got dam morning.


this is a friend of mines. i loved the pic she took so i had to draw it...

here goes nothin

hi, my name is Damion and
this is the first post.
i hope you like my stuff.
i try to give my view on
every thing i draw. this was
just like most of my drawings
a pass the time drawing. its in my
sketch book and it was drawn in chalk.
the back ground was in marker.
well that's all for that i hope you
enjoy my blog.